Published Mar, 2003, Solid-state lithium batteries with a unique construction are reported in this paper. These batteries contain two kinds of lithium ion-conductive solid electrolytes, LiI–Li2S–P2S5 glass contacted with the anode material and Li3PO4–Li2S–SiS2 glass or Li2S–GeS2–P2S5 crystalline material contacted with the cathode. The former electrolyte was selected as that stable to electrochemical reduction, and the latter two to oxidation. This construction made it possible to use graphite as the anode and LiCoO2 as the cathode in the solid-state lithium battery. The energy density of the battery is 390 W h·l−1 and 160 W h·kg−1 per total volume and weight of the cathode and anode layers, respectively, which are comparable to those of commercialized Li-ion batteries.